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  • Annual 8-Application Lawn Program
  • Annual 8-Application Tree & Shrub Program
  • PestFree Pest Control Program
  • Service Calls at NO Charge with Our Annual Programs

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Tree & Shrub Services Plano TX

GroGreen is a full service garden care and maintenance provider that distributes dependable tree and shrub service in Plano, Texas. While trees and shrubs are generally stronger than lawn and plants, they too can succumb to pests and diseases. Moreover, trees and shrubs require adequate nutrients at the appropriate time to thrive. GroGreen has trained technicians who can ensure that the trees and shrubs in your garden flourish. We succeed in this by applying fertilizer twice a year in spring and fall. This supplies the trees and shrubs in your garden with the nutrients they require. Apart from this trees and shrubs can be ravaged by pests and diseases. GroGreen offers preventative care against pests and diseases. This treatment can be applied three times a year in spring, summer, and fall. In the event that you are calling us after you spot a pest attack or after the signs of disease are visible, our technicians will apply pesticides or treatments intended for the specific disease or pest. GroGreen offers dependable tree and shrub care. Our technicians understand gardens and lawns. They will apply the pesticides, fertilizers, and treatments at the appropriate time to make sure that the garden flourishes. Once you retain the services of GroGreen to take care of your trees and shrubs, we will schedule the application of pesticides and fertilizers. The application of fertilizers and pesticides can not only be time consuming but also hazardous. When you retain our services for these tasks, our technicians will use appropriate safety gear and also ensure that residents and pets are not harmed by the pesticides we apply. Our tree and shrub care service also includes pruning and trimming. Our expert staff will cut back branches that are growing too close to buildings or utility wires and also trim shrubs to ensure that they remain healthy and remain within a proper balance. We are a complete garden care provider that will help ensure that your lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs all flourish. Our expert staff will check the trees and shrubs in the garden and identify the specific pests or disease that has affected the tree and then use the specific treatment to ensure that the tree survives. The staff is knowledgeable and can give a personalized service for each home owner depending on the trees and shrubs in their garden and the soil quality.

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