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Pest Free Pest Control Plano TX

GroGreen based in Plano offers superior pest free pest control services for gardens of all sizes. Our proven method ensures that pests from the garden do not enter the home, keeping it pest free. While a verdant garden is a welcoming sight, it often provides a home for pests that can make their way into your home. GroGreen ensures that the pests stay out by treating the perimeter of your home with pesticides each quarter. The pesticides are applied to the foundation, basement, doors and windows of the home from the exterior. While GroGreen primarily applies pesticides only on the exteriors, new customers can ask for interior pest elimination as well for a small additional fee. In the case of existing customers GroGreen will eliminate pests that find their way inside if customers inform us of this. Our perimeter pest control and elimination service includes an inspection of the exterior of the home to remove wasp nests as well. Apart from perimeter pest control, GroGreen also offers mosquito control services. The mosquitoes in the garden cannot be destroyed completely but can be controlled by our regular spraying of pesticides. We will spray the garden once in 30 days as part of the mosquito control program. If you want to keep the plants and shrubs in the garden free of pests, our trained staff can spray them with pesticides as well. This is generally done once in spring, summer, and fall for preventative purposes. If the tress or plants are already infected, we have special pesticides that can be used to eliminate the pests. While handling and applying pesticides can be dangerous, GroGreen uses trained technicians who use protective gear to minimize the risks. By employing our services to apply pesticides, you can reduce your exposure to the harmful chemicals and still eliminate pests and keep your home pest free. GroGreen prides itself in providing trustworthy lawn and garden care services that include exterior application of pesticides to ensure that gardens and homes remain pest free throughout the year. When you sign up for our service, we will take care of all aspects of pest elimination and control. We will schedule the normal application of the correct pesticides on the exterior of your home to make sure that you do not have to worry about garden pests such as mosquitoes, fire ants, and other insects.

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